Andreas Gursky untitled work to make up to $205,000?

An untitled work by Andreas Gursky is the headline lot of Sotheby's November 14 photography auction in Paris with a valuation of $153,870-205,160.

Gursky Andreas Sothebys
Gursky is the world's most valuable photographer

Gursky's work tends to show humans dwarfed by vast systems, whether constructed or natural, and makes heavy use of digital manipulation - as in the present image from 2006, which shows a pattern of repeating perfume bottles.

His distinctive large format works are highly sought after among collectors and command major sums at auction. His Rhine II holds the record for the most valuable photograph ever sold at auction, after realising $4.3m in 2011.

More recently, Chicago Board of Trade III made £2.2m ($3.3m) in London in June last year.  

August Sander's Nature Morte Industrielle (1951) carries an estimate of $76,935-102,580.

August Sander Nature
Sander was a major influence on 20th century photographers

Sander (1876-1964) was a German photographer who operated a studio in Cologne, where he began shooting an ambitious series of portraits.

Many were published in a book titled Face of Our Time (1929), which came to represent something of a bible for 20th century photographers.

Like many German artists he was persecuted during the second world war (the Nazis destroyed many of the plates from the book), but managed to smuggle the vast majority of his negatives out of Cologne in 1942.

Tragically, they were then destroyed in a fire in 1946 - meaning his work is now exceptionally rare.

In 2008 a portrait of his son and his friends sold for $493,000 at Sotheby's New York.

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