An antique bible, Dr Seuss and vintage artworks lead exciting New York auction

The results of yesterday's sale at National Book Auctions, which featured Charles Dickens first editions and aviation material, are still coming through, but the auctioneer is already pressing ahead with its next venture.

The upcoming auction features a collection of children's books and a selection of theological works, not to mention an impressive assortment of antique and vintage books. In addition, there is artwork and unique material from inside the Roycroft Company.

A number of the children's books in the sale are antique or vintage works, often showing beautifully vivid covers, dust jackets and illustrations. In particular, a selection of early Uncle Wiggily tales, several early Disney volumes, and a variety of Golden Books, Elf Books from Rand McNally, Dr. Seuss books will prove exciting to collectors everywhere.

Regular readers will know that classic children's books are among the most collectible around. Dr Seuss books, for example, are collected by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Aside from children's books, some collectors will be particularly interested in the range of antique theological works in the sale.

Featured in this collection is a 1599 printing of the "Geneva Bible," also known as the "Breeches Bible," considered to be one of the most historically significant translations of the Bible into the English language.

Complementing this Bible are several other antique works, including a rare, 1749 printing of a dissertation on the work of Josephus by Dr. Nathaniel Forster and several 18th and 19th century printings on the life of Jesus Christ, among many other scholarly works.

Artwork by Seymour Chwast
Artwork by Seymour Chwast

Other antique titles featured in this auction include a 1680 printing of "An Institution of General History, or the History of the World Being a Complete Body Thereof" by William Howel and a two-volume first edition of James Fenimore Cooper's "History of the Navy of the United States of America".

Particularly beautiful is an 1840 printing of the two-volume set "American Scenery; or, Land, Lake, and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature" by Nathaniel Parker Willis.

The estate of Charles Thomas Beebe, who worked for the Roycroft Shop in East Aurora, New York from approximately 1905 to 1928, has supplied a lot of interested material too. Many of the items in the collection are original designs, such as hand-drawn sketches, drafts and blind-stamped proofs.

Continuing the art/design theme is a collection of antique and vintage artworks, including Seymour Chwast, much of which is hand-signed by the artists. Artists in this collection with signed pieces include Winold Reiss, Charles Grant Davidson and Lawrence Beall Smith.


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