Amazing Spider-Man cover art to lead at Heritage

John Romita Sr and Frank Giacoia’s artwork for Amazing Spider-Man #100 (1971) is among the most iconic pieces of cover art around.

So there’s likely to be significant interest when it crosses the block in Heritage Auctions' February 22-24 comic art auction.

 Amazing Spiderman 100

The cover features a breathtaking roster of Spiderman characters 

Heritage describes it as “possibly Marvel's greatest ‘floating heads cover’ ever, as this beauty featured pretty much anyone who was anyone in the Spider-verse!

“His entire supporting cast (Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, etc.) is present as you would expect, along with the major Spidey-villains: Doc Ock, Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino, the Lizard, the Beetle (ever notice how many of Spider-Man's enemies are based on animals?), Sandman, Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter, Doctor Doom, Green Goblin, and Mysterio.”

There are also a number of lesser known characters, such as the Prowler and Ringmaster, who add that extra frisson for serious collectors.

Bidding starts at $31,070.

Meanwhile, fantasy legend Frank Frazetta’s Tree of Death looks primed to beat $10,755.

The painting shows a typically Frazetta-esque scene, with a muscle-bound swordsman attacking a carnivorous tree.

It’s a lesser known work, originally used as the cover to Flashing Swords #2 (1973).

Demand for Frazetta’s work has risen over the past couple of years, culminating in the sale of a canvas titled At the Earth’s Core for an unprecedented $1m in 2016.

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