Alex Diggelmann's Gstaad (1934) up 900% at Swann

Alex Diggelmann's Gstaad (1934) headlined a sale of vintage posters at Swann Auction Galleries in New York on February 12.

The lot realised $30,000, up 900% on a $3,000 estimate.

gstaad Swann Galleries
Diggelmann won three medals for art at the Olympic Games

Diggelmann (1902-1987) was a celebrated graphic designer during his era. He remains one of two people to have won three medals for art at the Olympic Games (back when that was a category).

The present lot is an advert for the resort town of Gstaad in Bern, Switzerland - which remains a popular skiing destination.

Leopoldo Metlicovitz's Mostra del Ciclo e Dellautomobile/ Milan also realised $30,000.

The work depicts a race between a motor car and a figure resembling the Roman god Mercury.

Swann explained prior to the sale: "Here, a winged deity is flying next to a speeding vehicle. In an unsuccessful attempt to keep up with modernity, he has even removed his laurel wreath to keep it from blowing off at such high speeds, and yet, the car is still in the lead.

"More than just a powerful, symbolic image, the poster is a master work of lithography in which soft pastel shades are used to make a strong impression."

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