Aerosmith's Peter Lik photograph auctions at Charitybuzz with $150,000 estimate

Stadium rockers Aerosmith have made a return to the collectible memorabilia markets - this time in the name of charity.

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer apparently has a passion for art, and is auctioning an iconic piece which launched the career of famous photographer Peter Lik, for Charitybuzz.

This framed masterpiece, entitled Ghost, boasts great provenance having been displayed in the Smithsonian. This followed Ghost's win in the Art in Nature category of the 2010 Windland Smith Rice International Awards for Nature's Best Photography.

Ghost was exhibited in the Smithsonian between April and September 2011.

This photograph will sell from Kramer's own private collection. It is a Limited Edition print numbered 59 of 950.

Peter Lik's framed masterpiece, Ghost, is auctioning at Charitybuzz

Lik's image was captured in the underground sandstone caves of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. The photographer knew that, in summer, the sun passes directly overhead creating a striking natural visual in the canyon.

"Timing was everything," said Lik of the photograph. "At the precise moment I clicked the shutter, my Navajo Indian guide threw a handful of dust into the shaft of light.

"It wasn't until weeks later when I finally got to see the results of the shoot that I was able to see the ghostlike human form that had emerged, and I could only wonder if the ancient spirits of the canyon had been present with me that day."

Boasting both rock 'n' roll provenance and status as an important and influential artwork, Peter Lik's Ghost is expected to sell for $150,000. Bids currently stand at $32,500 at the time or writing.

As always with Charitybuzz, proceeds from this sale with benefit a good cause.

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