Adolf Hitler seascape painting sold for $53,000 in Slovakian auction

Whilst his later political career is all too well known, many are not aware of Adolf Hitler's earlier career as an artist before his service in the First World War.

Hitler painted prolifically, and led a Bohemian life in Vienna around the end of the first decade of the 20th century, but he never made much money.

Of course the life of an artist can be difficult even for the best, (van Gogh couldn't sell his own works despite their now commanding seven or eight figure prices) but few experts at the time or since have put the young Adolf in that category.

Vienna's Academy of Fine Art repeatedly rejected him, noting his limited grasp of perspective and more bluntly his "unfitness for painting". Sadly, his 1930s efforts as an author writing Mein Kamf were much more successful - never mind that that wasn't a great work, its quick sales fuelled his political career.

Hitler moon seascape painting
Adolf Hitler's moon and seascape painting

Few these days would bid for a copy of Mein Kamf at auction, even where it is legal to do so, but Hitler's artworks are more popular.

A particularly striking example has just been presented in Slovakia: a seascape presenting the moon above the glittering ocean: Morské Nokturno (roughly: Marine Nightime or The Sea at Night) was sold in an auction at the weekend for €32,000.

The undeniably evocative mixed media work dates to 1913, and is believed to have been passed down through a Slovakian family from member who knew Hitler personally.

Collectors on the lookout for paintings by artists of the 20th century might be interested in an example from our stock from an artist who turned out rather better than Adolf Hitler: this sketch by Salvador Dali is available for just £18,000.

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