'A good week for the rare comic book business!'

As we previously reported, Detective Comics #27 is now the most valuable comic in the world after it sold at Heritage Auction Galleries for $1.075m.

Featuring Batman the Caped Crusader's first-ever adventure, the ultra-collectible comic sold on February 25. And there to witness the sale first-hand was Heritage's Comics Cataloguer, David Tosh.

David Tosh has more than 30 years
experience as a memorabilia dealer,
and is now entering his sixth year
at Heritage Auction Galleries

Following his exclusive interview with Paul Fraser Collectibles, last week, David kindly got back in touch to share with us his experiences of the historic sale.

"This sale was quite an event, and I was thrilled to be in the room when this book sold," he told us.

Heritage has a reputation for embracing the internet - and the Detective Comics #27 auction typified the increasing reliance of collectors across the globe on live online bidding.

"It's interesting to note that the final bidding all took place online - in the past, phone bidders would be utilised for a sale like this."

"While there were two of our bidders on this book listed for phone bidding, they dropped out early on. The final battle for ownership of the book took place online," said David.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, collectors worldwide were able to watch and listen to the Dallas, Texas auction live from the warmth of their own homes.

Detective Comics #29 Batman
Detective Comics #27's sale came
days after the $1m auctioning of
Superman's first-ever comic book

However, the excitement surrounding the event was mixed with trepidation - Detective Comics #27 had big shoes to fill.

Only the previous week, Superman's first-ever adventure, Action Comics #1, became the first comic to reach the seven-figure mark, selling for exactly $1m.

"While I was 'cautiously optimistic' that the book would top the recent Action #1 sale, I really didn't know for sure how it would end until the hammer went down," revealed David.

"In the end, I have to say that the Action #1 sale and all the publicity surrounding it did nothing but help our book reach its ultimate record-breaking price."

The hype undoubtedly helped the World Record Batman sale - and the worldwide publicity generated by that and Action Comics #1's success is likely to help comics breakthrough into the public conscious as a major collectible in 2010.

As David said himself: "It was certainly a good week to be in the rare comic book business!"

As the success of collectible comics continues, now is the time for collectors and investors to consider getting involved.


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