$30,000 Goodridge Roberts art leads Canadian auction

Auction house Heffel is holding pre-sale viewings of artworks in Montreal and Toronto, prior to its May 26 online live auction of Canadian artists in Vancouver.

Highlights unique to the Canadian art market include this self-portrait by William Goodridge Roberts (1904-1974).

The oil of board from 1959 bears the artists signature and carries an estimate of CAD$20,000-$30,000 (just over $30,000).

William Goodridge Roberts' 1953 Self Portrait (CAD$20,000-$30,000)

Goodridge Roberts - whose varied work held landscape, still life and figurative images in equal importance - produced self-portraits throughout his life, starting in 1953.

This example depicts the artist in his studio. His face is partially in shadow and partially illuminated by a warm light to give a subtle sense of psychological depth.

Other Canadian artists featured in the sale include Lise Gervais, Joseph Francis Plaskett and Molly Joan Lamb Bobak - an unmissable event for collectors and investors with an interest in the country.


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