$15k Charlie Chaplin poster lights up Heritage

Colourful memorabilia of bygone Hollywood classics will feature in Heritage's March 19-20 Signature® Movie Poster Auction, next weekend.

Alongside the impressive collection of famed heavy metal guitarist Kirk Hammett - including a poster for Fritz Lang's 1930s sci-fi masterpiece, Metropolis - is this poster from an early-20th century Charlie Chaplin screen classic.

At the time, Chaplin had signed a lucrative deal with studios First National for $1.25m to make eight pictures. Still in his twenties, he was one of the richest entertainers in the world.

Chaplin was given virtually unlimited creative control, resulting in some of the finest silent comedies ever brought to the screen. Sunnyside was his third picture for First National.

Chaplin's 'third million dollar comedy' for studios First National

Starring Chaplin as a love-struck farmhand pining for Edna Purviance, this beautiful poster is completely unrestored and in its original state of six separate sheets.

It carries a lower estimate of $15,000 and over.

Last year, an eBay buyer from the UK was shocked after buying a battered container with an "old film" inside from the popular auction website.

He discovered that the film inside his �3.30 ($5) purchase was titled Charlie Chaplin in Zepped - an unseen movie starring the early cinema legend.

Following analysis by film and Chaplin experts, the film was valued at an incredible �40,000 ($64,000).

Elsewhere, a very early Chaplin signature - signed "Sincerely, Chas. Chaplin." on a photographic portrait - is currently for sale on the collectors' markets priced �1,950 ($3,200).


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