Warua Master Luba statue to headline at Sotheby's

A Warua Master Luba male statue from the Democratic Republic of Congo could make $3m-5m at Sotheby's.

The lot is to headline an auction of African, Oceanic and pre-Columbian art in New York on May 15.

Luba figure Sothebys
The Luba figure dates to the 18th century

The Warua Master was an 18th century sculptor of the Luba tribe. His work is highly regarded, due to its exceptional composition and execution.

The present lot would likely have been part of a royal reliquary.

Sotheby's comments: "The male statue offered here is unique in the Warua Master's œuvre and rightfully considered to be the artist's greatest masterpiece.

"Published and exhibited numerous times throughout the past four decades, it has inspired some of the greatest connoisseurs of African art in their work, including Philippe Guimiot, Jacques Kerchache, and Ezio Bassani.

"The Male Statue by the Warua Master is one of the most iconic works of Congolese sculpture."

An important carved Magalan head from Tabar Island, Papua New Guinea is also on offer, with a valuation of $800,000-1.2m.

It would have been used in one of the large scale ceremonies that remain a key component of Magalan life.

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