Victorian doll's house to make $23,500 at auction?

A Victorian doll's house is expected to achieve between £10,000-15,000 ($15,633-23,450) when it auctions in the UK in November.

Complete with lavish miniature furnishings, the 1850-made house will sell as part of a collection of 18th and 19th century toys at Chorley's auction house in Gloucestershire.

"Almost all the toy collection is in original condition and was collected to create a toy museum, which unfortunately never happened," explains Chorley's.

Chorleys dolls house
The house has moved from Liverpool to Gloucestershire, via Yorkshire

The house was made by Liverpudlians Mr and Mrs Newton for their daughter Emma.

Mr Newton, a lawyer and amateur carpenter, built the framework of the house, while Mrs Newton produced the bedclothes and the furnishings.

Emma took the house with her when she moved to Yorkshire to marry the Rev Usher Miles. Their five daughters each enjoyed the house, and when she was widowed in 1912, Emma and the house moved again, this time to Cheltenham.

It passed down through the family until 1972, when it came into the possession of the consignor.

Doll's house Chorleys
The house was made in 1850 for one very lucky child

The house is being auctioned by informal tender, with bids closing on November 28.

Antique doll's houses have a strong track record at auction.

A Mexican doll's house sold for $217,500 at Noel Barrett in the US in 2004, while a mid-19th century Scottish doll's house known as the Hope Villa made $205,000 with the same auction house in 2006.

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