Tribal Perspectives, UK's only tribal art group event, opens in October

The UK's only tribal art group gallery show and selling event, Tribal Perspectives, is to return to London for its seventh year from October 2-5.

Tribal perspectives UK event
Works for sale in the exhibition include tribal masks textiles, jewellery and weapons

The event brings together a group of international dealers whose expertise lies in tribal and ethnographic art. It has been running since 2007, as an opportunity to buy and view an extensive variety of artefacts from Oceania, the Americas, Africa and the East.

"The pieces exhibited by the dealers at Tribal Perspectives are all original period items made for intentional use, many of them museum-quality. There is a great deal of later work on the market today, not made for use in the tribe but to serve the consumer demands of a tourist trade," explained gallerist Bryan Reeves.

"However our exhibitors source historic items, often with provenance, collected in the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries by explorers, scientists and missionaries who would have lived alongside or known the peoples for whom these wonderful objects held great significance."

The news follows Sotheby's announcement of its sale of the Allan Stone Collection - a huge assortment of tribal artefacts assembled by the legendary dealer.  

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