Trelissick House Chinese vase auctions with 237% increase

A very rare flambe-glazed Chinese vase has auctioned for £337,250 ($517,546) as part of Bonhams' Trelissick House sale (July 23).

Estimated to be worth £100,000 ($155,609), the magenta vase sold with a 237.3% increase on estimate.

Tresselick house auction
The Copland’s glossy bottle-neck vase well exceeded its £100,000 estimate

Before the sale, ceramics expert Colin Sheaf explained: "This vase would have been made in Jingdezhen, China's unique porcelain producing city in Jiangxi Province, where for centuries China's most glittering ceramics were created by master potters for display and daily use at the Imperial court in Beijing's mysterious, overpowering, lavishly decorated Forbidden City."

Flambe-glazed wares can be traced back to the Song dynasty (AD 960-1279). Red and pink glazes were the most difficult to produce; derived from copper and lead, pink and red glazes were notoriously unstable, resulting in a high rate of failure.

Further highlights include a pair of Chinese cockerel figurals, which sold for £23,750 ($36,491), and two 17th century Chinese baluster vases, which made £181,250 ($277,932).

The sale was organised by the grand house's present occupants, the Copeland family, who are planning to move into a more modest property.

William Copeland explained: "We have been the guardians of these fine works for a number of years… it is time to pass them on for others to enjoy."

Tangible assets, such as those the Copeland family have chosen to part with, are an important part of any portfolio.

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