Tibetan gilt bronze figure expected to make around $1.2m

A Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Kunzang Akhor is offered with a valuation of $800,000-1.2m in a sale of Himalayan and Southeast Asian art at Christie's New York.

The sculpture, which was produced in Nepal in the 13th century, will cross the block on March 15.

Nepal bronze Christies
Kunzang Akhor is an important figure in the Tibetan Bon religion

The piece was produced by an adherent of the Bon religion, which developed alongside Buddhism in 11th century Tibet.

Statues of Kunzang Akhor, the meditational form of the chief Bon deity Shenlha Okar, were often commissioned as memorials.

Christie's comments: "The present example ranks among the most important and largest Bon sculptures of its type; any published examples are of much smaller size and less elaborate execution.

"The earrings on the flared earlobes follow Indian Pala prototypes as further developed in the Khasa Malla style of Western Nepal with its particular emphasis on the treatment of jewelry…

"The very finely gilt face has been superbly maintained through the centuries, and the proportionately large head gives emphasis to the facial features."

Other lots include a 17th century Tibetan black ground painting of Mahakala Brahmanarupa, which is valued at $400,000-600,000.

It's described as one of the finest painted depictions of this particular deity in existence.

The sale takes place as part of Asian art week, with Christie's also offering a rare Tibetan Buddhist painting of Vaishravana.

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