Table lamp identified as 200-year-old Chinese artwork makes $720,000

A ceramic lamp that has stood on a hallway table in north Wales since the 1950s has auctioned today for £581,000 ($721,021).

That's because the lamp was recently identified as a rare 200-year-old Chinese work of art.

The owners converted the piece into a lamp after purchasing it at auction several decades ago.

Christies lamp Chinese
The hat stand was converted into a lamp in the 1950s

However, when they took it to be valued it was revealed to be a "Nine Dragons" hat stand made for Qing dynasty emperor Dauguang (1820-1850).

It sold at Christie's London earlier today.

Ivy Chan, an Asian art specialist at Christie's, told the Daily Mirror: "It offers a glimpse into the opulence of the Daoguang court, where clothing was used to symbolise rank and status.

"The type of hat you wore was very important and, when not in use, these beautiful and elaborate accessories were displayed on suitably decorative stands…

"To think what was achieved in the 19th century under Imperial patronage is amazing, and this piece really exemplifies the technical ability of the craftsmen.

"The significance of this as an Imperial Chinese piece is really special."

Chan went on to say that antique Chinese ceramics are often made into lamps, but fortunately on this occasion the damage is minimal.

Earlier this year a Qianlong era (18th century) Chinese vase used as a doorstop sold for £650,000 ($862,186) at Hanson's Auctioneers.

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