Paul Revere silver teapot makes $233,000 at Christie's New York

A teapot made for New England banker Moses Hayes by legendary patriot and silversmith Paul Revere has sold for $233,000 at Christie's New York.

The lot headlined a sale of important American silver on January 22.

Paul Revere teapot
Paul Revere made the teapot for wealthy client Moses Hayes

Revere noted the piece in his daybook in 1783. It was the first of 25 commissions he produced for Hayes, who was one of his biggest clients. Revere only made a handful of drum form teapots, around six in total, four of which are in permanent collections. 

The two men met as freemasons at the Grand Lodge of Massachussets, where Revere served as deputy to Hayes - who was appointed grand master in 1791.

The William Davis silver wine cup also sold well, achieving $149,000.

It was produced by Jeremiah Dummer, a well known Boston-based craftsman, in 1676. Davis, his client, became Captain of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1643 and later co-founded Boston's venerable Old South Church.

This cup was made to be used during services.

The collection included a wealth of other pieces from the early years of America, by makers including John Hull and Robert Sanderson.

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