Near Eastern cosmetic jar offered at $15,000 with Ancient Resource

Ancient Resource will hold its Auction 24: Ancient Artifacts sale on September 28, starring a Near Eastern cosmetic jar from the 2nd century BC.

Near Eastern cosmetic jar
The lapis lazuli used to create the piece was sourced in Afghanistan

The piece, which is adorned with three rows of bird heads with large eyes, is to sell with a $10,000-15,000 estimate.

The exact country of origin of the jar is not known, but the lapis lazuli used to create it was sourced in Afghanistan. Of the utmost quality, it was likely used by a very wealthy individual and remains in excellent condition, though one of the small heads has now been lost.

Many Amlash artefacts were discovered through an illegal excavation, and would have been otherwise unknown

Also set to sell well is a large Amlash (Iran) rhyton in the form of a humped bull, which dates to circa 1000-800 BC. A spectacular piece that has remarkably retained its delicate features, it is expected to make $8,000-10,000.

The Amlash culture is known almost exclusively through archaeological finds such as this, which have revealed that its people included highly skilled artisans and artists.

The auction offers a variety of artefacts from the ancient world. Further highlights include an Egyptian Old Kingdom seated figure, which was produced from limestone circa 2686-2181 BC.

Delicately carved with some of the original pigments still remaining on his skin, the scribe is seated with a tablet upon his knees, and a peaceful expression on his face. In miraculous condition considering its age, the piece is valued at $3,000-4,000.

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