Marklin toy ocean liner sets new world record

A toy ocean liner made by German company Marklin around the turn of the 19th century has set a new record at auction.

The lot realised $271,400 in a sale at Bertoia Auctions in May.

Marklin ocean liner
Marklin is one of the world's most prestigious toy manufacturers

It just edged out the previous record for a model boat, set at $264,000 for a Marklin paddle steamer in a 2012 sale.

The ocean liner demonstrates exceptional eye appeal and retained most of its original fixtures and fittings.

Its main draw to buyers, however, was its original paintwork.

Auction house owner Jeanne Bertoia said: "This boat was an extraordinary find. It had come out of an attic where it had remained for many years.

"When it was removed from its storage place, the boat had layers of dust and grime, and we believe that's what helped preserve the paint.

"Once it was cleaned, it was bright, colorful and absolutely pristine."

A circa Francis & Field tinplate train was another highlight, achieving $64,900 against an estimate of $25,000.

Bertoia explained: "Often, if an early American tin train appears at auction, it shows signs of paint touch-up or re-soldering, but this train was totally pure."

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