Little Bighorn rifle to make $500,000?

A Native American-used rifle from the Battle of Little Bighorn auctions this weekend.

The 1874 Sharps rifle is the first firearm scientifically proven to have been used at the battle.

The $500,000-valued item will auction at Brian Lebel's High Noon Show and Auction in Mesa, Arizona on January 21.

The auction house says the firearm's condition is "consistent with a rifle that was exposed to the dry, arid weather of the Montana prairie".

The 1876 battle is famed for "Custer's last stand", where General George Custer overwhelmingly failed to defeat 2,000 Native American soldiers with 700 men. He and half of his comrades were killed.   

Items from the battle rarely appear for sale. The victorious Native Americans stripped the battlefield in the search for war trophies and pieces of value.

Little Bighorn rifle

Few pieces from the battle survived

It all adds to the allure and value of Little Bighorn memorabilia. The last remaining US flag from the battle sold for $2.2m in 2010.

Custer items not present at the battle can also achieve significant sums.

The general's Spencer carbine rifle sold for $179,250 in 2012, while his saddle achieved $113,525.

The sale will also feature an exhibition saddle created by renowned San Francisco firm Keyston Bros. Produced for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, it has a $90,000 valuation.

A beaded necklace once worn by famed Native American warrior Geronimo has a $30,000 estimate.

Check out this rare piece of Geronimo history we have for sale.

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