Grimani Florentine inlaid table sets new auction record

A 17th century Florentine peitre dure inlaid marble table made for the Grimani family has sold for £3.5m ($5.3m).

It demolished its £600,000 estimate at the dedicated auction at Sotheby's London, making it the most valuable inlaid table top ever sold.

Grimani tables Sothebys
The Florentine table features elaborate coloured inlays

The lot was given as gift to the Grimani by the powerful Medici family and was produced in their famous workshops. It displays the Grimani coat of arms and is of exceptional quality.

Another table, commissioned by the Grimani from a Roman maker, was also featured. It sold for £1.6m ($2.4m), an increase of 220% on its £500,000 ($757,377) estimate.

Both tables were shipped to England from Italy by the 3rd Earl of Warwick (1779-1853) during his grand tour.

Mario Tavella, deputy chairman at Sotheby's Europe, comments: "Being able to present two pietre dure and antique marble table tops with the same provenance is extraordinary rare so when these works of art are of such quality and boast such exceptional provenance, it is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime event in the career of a specialist.

"The landmark price achieved today by this sublime Florentine pietre dure top, whose provenance is fully documented since 1623, is reflective of a highly unique piece of art."

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