De la Serna's pistols to auction for $119,000 in London auction?

A pair of French silver mounted flintlock pistols belonging to Jose de la Serna, the last Spanish viceroy of Peru, is to auction at Thomas Del Mar Ltd in London on June 25.

The lot is valued at £40,000-70,000 ($68,078-119,137).

Serna pistols Del Mar
De la Serna was presented with the pistols during the 1800s

De la Serna (1770-1832) arrived in Peru in 1816 to quash the independence movement that had already swept the rest of South America. The campaign raged for eight long years, ending in his eventual defeat at the battle of Ayacucho in 1824.

The pistols feature elaborate decorative gold and silver mounting and are offered in mint condition.

A skull and set of antlers from an Irish elk of the Late Pleistocene era (around 12,000 years ago) carries an estimate of £20,000-30,000 ($24,039-51,059).

The species gets its name from the fact that the vast majority discovered have been found in Irish peat bogs, although they are thought to have been dispersed widely throughout Europe and Asia.

The antlers themselves are over three metres wide, placing them in the upper echelons in terms of size.

The sale includes a vast range of weaponry, armour and antiques from across the ages - including a set of jousting armour and a range of Japanese katana.

You can check out all our available antiques here.

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