Carved Timurid marble panel leads sale at Bonhams

A Timurid carved marble panel realised £88,900 ($127,879) at Bonhams London on April 19.

The Mongol warlord Tamerlane established the Timurid Empire in the 14th century.

Timur carved panel
Timurid art was hugely influential across Central Asia

It occupied a vast swathe of central Asia, including parts of modern day India and Iran.

The carving is believed to originate from the back of a throne and dates to the mid-15th century.

Timurid rulers often received guests in their gardens on thrones carved from stone.

The engraving is typically elaborate.

The Timurids ushered in an era of elegance and refinement in the arts - creating vast mosques and palaces with exquisitely painted facades and soaring domes.

They proved a major influence on the development of the art and architecture of the region (and India) for generations to come.

An illuminated 15th or early 16th century Quran realised £68,500 ($98,534).

It's believed to have been created either in the last days of the Timurid Empire, or the early years of the Safavid Empire - which wrested control of Persia (now Iran) in 1507.

It includes a Falnama, a text that instructs the reader on how to divine prophecies from the Quran.

A single leaf from a famous 12th century edition of the Quran will sell later today with a valuation of up to £300,000 ($417,390).

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