Captain Cook’s Endeavour replica to make $153,500?

A full scale replica of HMS Bark Endeavour, the ship Captain Cook sailed to Australia in 1769, is offered at Lincoln Unique Auctions on August 28.

The extraordinary lot, valued at up to £120,000 ($153,542), is one of two such replicas and the only one in the northern hemisphere.

Captain Cook Endeavour

This is one of two replicas of Cook's Endeavour 

It cost around £2.5m ($3.1m) to build. While it’s not capable of sailing under its own steam, it is possible to tow it in open water.

At present it’s used for weddings and other commercial events.

Auctioneer Terry Woodcock said: “This is a superb opportunity for someone to acquire a unique vessel with history, but it could also offer a lucrative business proposition to an investor or an exciting endeavour for someone with a pioneering spirit”.

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