British Museum German history exhibition on display from October to January

The British Museum is to hold a major exhibition on German history at the British Museum between October 16 and January 25.

Titled Germany: Memories of a Nation, it displays a wealth of artefacts from throughout history, ranging from Tischbein's famous portrait of Goethe to a 1953 VW Beetle, and follows on from a series on BBC Radio 4.  

VW Beetle 1953
The VW Beetle is among the most recognisable German icons

The project is the brainchild of museum director Neil MacGregor, who told the Guardian: "The point of the series is not so much to put the history of the 20th century in a bigger context, but it's also saying, 'What has Germany done since 1990?' This is a new country, and a new country needs a new history."

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