Bonnie Prince Charlie’s glass offered in Scottish sale

A glass that Jacobite rebel leader Bonnie Prince Charlie drank from during a toast is up for auction in Scotland.

The prince gave the toast to his father, the so-called James VIII of Scotland, during a meal hosted by Bruce of Cowden in Clackmannanshire in 1745 – the year of the second Jacobite rising.

Jacobite Prince Charlie

The foot of the glass has been replaced with silver 

This was the second attempt by the Catholic House of Stuart to wrest control of the English throne from the Protestant House of Hannover, following an unsuccessful attempt by Charles’ father (nicknamed the Old Pretender) in 1715.

The prince was fresh off the boat from France when the clandestine dinner was held for his supporters.

The glass itself is plain and unremarkable, particularly compared to other Jacobite glasses – which are usually adorned with patriotic symbols.

However, if you look to the base you’ll notice the foot has been replaced with a piece of worked silver.

That’s because immediately after the toast was given, the foot was broken off.

This tradition was instigated to make it impossible to toast anyone other than James Stuart from the glass.

Sometime later, this glass was taken to a silversmith in Stirling sympathetic to the cause.

It's inscribed: “God Blis King James the Eight”.

While Scotland was a stronghold for Jacobitism, it was by no means safe to be unmasked as one. Catholics were still in the minority and public support for the prince was low.  

The glass is valued at £8,000-12,000 ($10,407-15,610) ahead of its sale at Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh on August 16.

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