Ancient Egyptian model boat to highlight Berlin auction

A wooden model funeral boat with rowers, circa 2000 BC, is the star lot of Auctionata's Ancient Egyptian and Islamic Art sale in Berlin on November 1.

Ancient Egyptian boat
The boat features the symbol of Ra, indicating a journey to the afterlife

The boat, dating to the era of the middle kingdom of ancient Egypt (circa 2000-1700 BC) and estimated to make $52,333, is made of carved and painted wood and features details of lotus flowers on the bow and stern.

The boat appears to be a funeral barge, and features rowers and a priest with arms outstretched. It would have been placed in a tomb to aid the final journey of the deceased.

A canopic jar of Seta-Umen-Gui dating to the Kush-Sais period (circa 760-525 BC) could make $41,262. Such jars were occasionally used for the storage of mummified organs.

canopic jar Anubis
The canopic jar features depictions of scarabs and jackals

This particular example features a depiction of two jackals along with the hieroglyph for Anubis, the lord of the underworld.

An inscription across the front reads: "Anubis, who is on his mountain, who is supervising you forever".

In 2012, a canopic jar dating to the time of the new kingdom (1550-1070 BC), achieved $27,036 at an auction in Victoria, Australia.

A statuette of a Horus hawk from the late to Ptolemaic period (664-30 BC) is estimated to make $27,508.

Featuring fine engraving and detailed painting, the piece was probably part of a shrine - as indicated by the cone holes on its feet.  

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