Ancient Egyptian model boat sells for $48,500 at Auctionata

An ancient Egyptian model funeral boat with rowers has realised $48,636 at Auctionata's antiquities sale in Berlin on November 1.

The boat dates to the middle kingdom of Egypt (circa 2000-1700 BC) and is carved from painted wood. It features lotus flowers on the stern and prow, along with depictions of rowers and a priest.

Ancient Egyptian boat
The model is a depiction of an ancient Egyptian funeral barge

A removable round altar stands at the centre, beneath a carved canopy that features the red sun symbol of Ra.

It would have probably been placed in a tomb to aid the journey of the deceased into the afterlife. A similar piece is housed in the collection of the British Museum in London.

An Indo-Persian bronze censer in the shape of a lion also performed well in the sale, achieving $32,424.

Indo-Persian lion censer
The censer is in the shape of a mythical lion

The 17th or 18th century censer features intricate piercings to allow incense to permeate through, and is designed in the likeness of a mythological lion.

The piece is in good condition and features a malachite coloured patina in places, along with a hinge pin that allows the head to be tilted to open.

A Ptah-Seker-Osiris funerary statue set on a plinth made $9,457.

Dating to the late period of Egypt (664-342 BC) the statue, an amalgam of three gods, would have been placed near a tomb to guard against evil spirits.

The base would have contained a fragment from the book of the dead.

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