14th century Yuan dynasty dish achieves 1,299% increase

A 14th century blue and white barbed rim Yuan dynasty dish has sold for $4.1m at an auction of fine Chinese art and ceramics at Sotheby's New York.

It was the headline lot of the March 19 sale, soaring past its $300,000 estimate by 1,299%.

Yuan dynasty dish China
The dish displays a strong Islamic influence

The dish was created at some time during the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368), the empire established in China by the great Mongol leader Kublai Khan, and displays strong Islamic influences in its design.

While there are a number of dishes from the era displaying similar designs, many of which are housed in the world's most prestigious museums, this example is particularly notable as it features moulded decorations.

The Tian Mian Fu Yi Jiao, a significant bronze ritual wine vessel dating to the 13th-11th century BC, made $2.4m against a $600,000 estimate - an increase of 300.8%.

There are known to be around 40 archaic bronzes bearing the clan name "Tian Mian", leading to speculation among scholars that the family was closely associated with the royal family during the Shang and Zhou periods.

The sale took place as part of the Asia Week sales in New York, with the piece eclipsing the $1.2m paid for the Ji Yu Zi Jun, another important bronze vessel, at Sotheby's on March 18.

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