New Zealand 1930 1d + 1d scarlet "Nurse", SG545

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New Zealand 1930 1d + 1d scarlet "Nurse", inscribed "HELP PROMOTE HEALTH", SG545.

A well-centred block of 4, neatly cancelled by complete and part strikes of WELLINGTON registered circular date stamps, dated "18 AP 31".

An attractive and uncommon multiple.

Owing to pressure of work being experienced by the plate makers in England there was insufficient time to produce printing plates for the new stamp design for this 1930 issue.

The only alternative was to prepare a plate with a similar design to the 1929 issue in New Zealand. Accordingly the Government Printer was instructed to prepare a plate with a similar design but with a new slogan ‘Help Promote Health’.

The original 1929 design had been completed by staff of the Government Printing Office who designed the frame for the stamp, the nurse image having been drawn by L C Mitchell.

The proceeds of the 'Charity' value of the 1930 Health stamps was donated to Children's Health Camps movement.

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