Collectible Scotch whisky faces sales boom in China thanks to new UK deal

Last week, we reported on the growing loving affair between China's nouveau rich buyers and the Château Lafite-Rothschild.

The 2008 Lafite enjoyed a 20% price jump in China's markets around the time of our report. It is way ahead of other fine wines in terms of popularity, to the extent that a new 'number 8' symbol is being added to Lafite bottles.

In China, the number 8 means 'prosper' - and it isn't just the Bordeaux winemaker Lafite that will be prospering in the coming months, thanks to a new deal between the British and Chinese governments.

Industry reports say that the agreement will ensure that only whisky distilled in Scotland can be marketed as "Scotch" in the People's Republic. What's more, the deal is expected to boost sales of Scotch in China by 100%.

British PM David Cameron (top right) and business secretary Vince Cable
are in Beijing today to sign a deal which could double sales of Scotch
whisky in China

British Prime Minister David Cameron and UK business secretary Vince Cable are set to ink the agreement in Beijing, today. Mr Cameron will no doubt enjoy the trip - in a 2006 radio interview, he named a case of whisky as the choice luxury item he would bring with him to a desert island.

­­The PM is said to especially like Isle of Jura whisky by the firm Whyte & Mackay, and has close ties with the distiller. According to industry buzz earlier this year, Whyte & Mackay's master blender Richard Paterson has even suggested making a special 'David Cameron' whisky.

For now, China's collectors and alternative investors can look forward to a bright future for Scotch whisky in the country's growing and vibrant wines and spirits markets.


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