SEIKO's new commemorative Spring Drive Spacewalk

In October 2008, Richard Garriott, the renowned video game designer and adventurer, became the sixth private space explorer.

Richard's space mission included a trip to the International Space Station and a spacewalk, making him the first private individual to do so.

And that's not all, he also did his spacewalk wearing a fine timepiece: the SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk.

Commemorative SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk
A near-replica of the SEIKO worn in space

To mark the mission's success, Garriott has encouraged SEIKO to produce a commemorative edition of his watch to be presented around the world, to increase awareness of the need for more private space exploration.

Now that the capability of the watch has been proven beyond doubt in its five and a half hours in space, SEIKO will produce its commemorative watch so that it can be made available in early 2010.

Just 100 pieces will be produced.

The watch will have the same specifications as the watch Garriott wore in space, with one adaptation: a screw-in crown will be used.

The original specification of the crown was not screw-in, as the engineers were concerned about the self-winding functionality of the watch in a zero-gravity environment, and had chosen a non-screw-in crown for ease of manual winding.

However, the self-winding mechanism was later found to work flawlessly in space, so a screw-in crown will be used in the commemorative edition to enhance the overall security of the case.

A serial number will be engraved on the case back, and the watch will be offered in its own customized presentation box.

Richard Garrett launched aboard Soyuz TMA-13 to the International Space Station as a self-funded tourist, returning 12 days later aboard Soyuz TMA-12.

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