Unique item of the week... the stairs from the Eiffel Tower

On December 14, 2009, a sale by the French auctioneers Drouot, entitled Paris, My Love, netted a total of €256,912.

Included in the sale were a number of unique memorabilia items from Paris' architectural and cultural past - some of the most unusual to hit the collectors' market in recent years.

It was perhaps fitting, then, that the star sale should turn out to be the most unique, taken from Paris' most iconic building.

The flagship lot in the sale was an original spiral staircase from Paris' Eiffel Tower.

The 1889 iron spiral staircase sold for over €105k

Dating from 1889, measuring 7.8 metres high and with 40 steps, the staircase sold for €105,400 to one lucky bidder. Although heaven knows where they've chosen to put it.

Other singular lots in the auction included a pair of late-19th-early-20th century second class seats from the Subway Parisien, sold for €22,320.

Elsewhere, a wooden hexagonal Parisian newspaper kiosk sold for €14,260. And, also from the Eiffel Tower, two iron braces, stamped "Iron original 1889", brought €2,108 and €2,232.


Image: Drouot

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