Triple H pins down wrestling champ 'Killer' Kowalski's $4,250 robe at TAC



The "Killer" brought his famous diving knee drop to an auction in Saugus, Massachussetts, on Thursday night (August 11).

We're not talking about Jerry Lee Lewis, but instead legend of the wrestling world Walter "Killer" Kowalski.

For the uninitiated, Kowalski's (1926-2008) legendary career included brawls for the NWA and WWF, and numerous championships including the WWWF World Tag Team Championship with Big John Studd, billed as The Executioners.

The late wrestler's estate was auctioned off with many pieces going to his former protégé and fellow wrestling hero Triple H.

Kowalski's $4,250 first-ever wrestling robe (top); and some other
memorabilia items in TAC's auction

According to the ProWrestling website, Triple H won Kowalski's first-ever wrestling ring robe for $4,250. It was the auction's biggest item.

Run by TAC Auctions, the five-hour event featured more than 300 items appealing to both casual fans and die-hard wrestling collectors alike.

Triple H also piledrived competing bidders to walk away with a pair of Kowalski's wrestling boots for $650, and another blue velvet ring coat for $850.

The attention received by Kowalski's estate is good news for collectors with a passion for wrestling memorabilia, showing that values could be going up in this select niche in future years.

However, Kowalski has a way to go until he's commanding the auction values previously achieved by another fighter and great showman...

‘Killer’ Kowalski’s robe heralds a bright future for wrestling collectibles. But the sport’s memorabilia has a way to go before it matches the values of Muhammad Ali’s collectibles - like this pair of shorts currently for sale


Muhammad Ali's fight-worn robe from his fight against Chuck Wepner on March 24 1975 was sold for $30,000 (including Buyer's Premium) back in 2005 - more than six-times the price commanded by Kowalski's robe.

That said, Kowalski's gown has great provenance and historical importance being the wrestler's first-ever ring robe.

If Triple H was willing to pay $4,250 on today's markets, then it could be worth significantly more in the future.

Watch this space for upcoming news from the wrestling memorabilia markets.


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