Announcing: Own rare Nirvana memorabilia for just $100

Just launched - your opportunity to own a share of Nirvana history

Kurt Cobain was only 27 when he died. 

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 Kurt Cobain memorabilia: demand is soaring

His early death meant he left behind just a handful of memorabilia pieces for fans to fight over. 

It's why his smashed guitar auctioned for almost $600,000 last month. 

If you love Nirvana. Or know someone who does, this email is for you. 

Because today you have the opportunity to buy one of the rarest pieces of Cobain history in existence - for just $100. 

Just two locks of Kurt Cobain's hair have ever been offered for sale.

And this is one them. 

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Kurt Cobain's hair - a rare piece of Nirvana history you can own

The lock of Cobain’s hair comes in a heart-shaped box (the title of a Nirvana song) that Cobain has signed "Kurdt". 

The price tag for the whole is $20,000. That is a steal. 

Because the lock of hair and signed box has a real asset value of $100,000. And includes approx. 125 strands. 

The other Cobain lock that sold (which contained just six strands - hardly a lock at all) auctioned for a huge $14,000 in 2021. 

Now I understand you might love to own this item. But that $20,000 is too much for you. 

That's why I'm offering you a fraction. A 200th in fact. For just $100. 

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Signed by Cobain: "Kurdt" It's shared ownership, and an extraordinary way to part-own historic pieces with a minimal outlay. 

"But is the hair genuine?"

It comes with cast-iron authenticity.

A hairdresser collected the hair after giving Cobain a trim in the early 1990s - at the peak of Nirvana’s fame. The hairdresser gifted the lock to her niece, who was a Nirvana fan, on her 18th birthday.

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The niece placed the hair in the heart-shaped box which she had previously acquired from a fellow fan. Both hair and box have excellent provenance

Cobain had signed the box "Kurdt" on the lid in pen during Nirvana's 1993 "In Utero" tour - for a female fan who followed the band from concert to concert.

“Kurdt” was a variation of Cobain’s name he frequently used to sign letters, drawings and autographs. (After it was originally misspelled as “Kurdt” in a 1988 magazine interview.)

He's also referred to as “Kurdt Kobain” in the liner notes for the Nirvana albums Bleach and Nevermind. 

How to order your fraction

You receive your fraction as a digital NFT through our partner CollectorLabs. 

(The hair and box remain safely in our secure storage).

It is genuinely easy to buy. You require no blockchain or NFT experience. We can do all that for you. 

In fact, you just need your debit or credit card and we'll handle the rest. 

And when you want to sell? Just let us know. We'll do all that for you too. 

Investment potential

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana's legacy and mythology is only going to grow. 

He will forever be 27. 

And teenagers who were Nirvana fans in the early 90s are now wage-earning 40-somethings. They're approaching their peak earning years.

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Move fast to be one of the 200 owners of Kurt Cobain's hair and signed box

Profit from Nirvana's 26 million fans on Facebook

  • I’m anticipating this issue will be heavily oversubscribed
  • I foresee a huge secondary market for the 200 fractions, at greatly increased prices 

To buy your fraction now for just $100, click the button below now. 

We've just launched this new NFT. It is first come, first served. 


This is your opportunity to buy in before prices potentially soar. 

Don't miss out. Get in on the ground floor today.

Until next time, 

Paul Fraser

PS. Have a question about fractional ownership? Call us on +44 (0)117 933 9500 or email

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