Al Capone's Miami mansion up for auction at $8.4m

Al Capone's luxurious Miami Beach mansion has been put up for sale with Sotheby's Realty with a sizeable price tag of $8.5m.

The mansion is where Al Capone died, and also where he planned the St Valentines' Day Massacre

The Spanish style two-storey villa is situated on the guarded Miami Beach Island, and is said to have been the place where Capone plotted the infamous St Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929, when several men from a rival gang were shot dead at a garage.

Covering 26,000 square feet, the mansion is where Capone lived following his release from Alcatraz, and also where he died - his niece states he "dropped dead" in one of the upstairs bathrooms.

Boasting seven bedrooms, the property has its own private beach and pool, which was designed to be more impressive than that of the nearby Biltmore Hotel. Despite having had several restorations, it nonetheless retains its 1920s charm, with the original powder room and brass fittings still intact.

The mansion was last sold for $7.3m in June 2013.

Capone's final years saw him afflicted with brain damage caused by syphilis, which caused violent outbursts and left him with the mental capability of a 12-year-old. He eventually died from a stroke.

Al Capone's memorabilia is highly collectible, with an archive of items making $23,582 at RR Auction in June 2013.

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