Peyton Manning touchdown ball valued at $20,000

A football that quarterback Peyton Manning used to throw the penultimate touchdown pass of his career is up for auction.  

It came earlier this year as Manning and the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots (led by his great friend and rival Tom Brady) to win the AFC Championship. 

Peyton Manning ball
Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks in history

Manning launched the ball to Owen Daniels, who caught it in the end zone for an early score.

Daniels celebrated by spiking it in to the stands - where it bounced off the forehead of 10 year old Brinton Nelson.

Brinton's father Chad Nelson told the Denver Post: "I look over and there is a ball floating around in the crowd. The ball hit my son in the head and I caught it…

"I couldn't believe it. Once I realized what it was, I lifted (Brinton) up in the air with the ball. He was a huge celebrity after that. Everyone wanted to take photos of the kid with the ball…"

It's estimated to sell for around $20,000 in Heritage Auctions' May 12-14 sports memorabilia sale in Dallas. The money will go into a college fund for Brinton.

Chad went on: "I had no intention to sell it initially, but then after he didn't throw any in the Super Bowl, I realized that it was his second-to-last touchdown pass and I decided to see what it was worth.

"So I saw the appraisal and went 'wow.' So I went to Brinton and said I know we like that ball, but that appraisal is too big for us to pass up."

You can check out all our sports memorabilia for sale here.

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