Ranger VII lunar prints to make $18,000 in London?

A set of 597 Ranger VII prints showing the lunar surface are to highlight a sale of vintage NASA photographs at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury in London on February 26.

The collection is valued at £10,000-12,000 ($15,186-18,223).

NASA Ranger images
Ranger VII was the first US probe to successfully photograph the lunar surface

The auction house comments: "This boxed set was a costly production intended for the use of NASA scientists and for presentation. It had very limited distribution and is now extremely rare on the market."

The 1964 probe was the first to successfully transmit images from close to the lunar surface, which provided a boost in morale after a string of failures, and paved the way for the first Moon landing in 1969.

The photographs were beamed via radio wave and captured on magnetic film.

Astronaut Ed White's personal photograph album from the 1965 Gemini 4 mission is valued at £8,000-10,000 ($12,149-15,186).

White performed the first US spacewalk during the mission. A total of eight photographs documenting this historic event are included, alongside views of Earth from space.

In addition it includes the first image of a spacecraft in space (taken by White while outside the craft).

The auctioneer describes it as "an outstanding collection".

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