Hindenburg red fabric swatch sells for 640% over estimate

A swatch of red fabric taken from the Hindenburg crash site was the surprise hit of RR Auction’s most recent auction.

The lot sold at $29,618, a huge increase of 640.4% on the $4,000 valuation.

The piece was consigned from the collection of Joshua Lamont, a White House staffer during the Obama years.

Hindenburg fabric swatch

The swatch was consigned by former White House staffer Joshua Lamont

Lamont’s great-grandfather was part of the naval crew that swept in to clean up the morning after the disaster and brought his kids along for the ride.

Lamont explains: “I kept this piece of my family history on my office desk.

“Asked about it one day, I shared my grandmother’s story, revealing the red swatch preserved and hidden inside.

“Hearing this, our boss came in and insisted I find out more and report back.

“Weeks later, I delivered the report Mrs. Obama requested and what experts from the National Archives, The Smithsonian and other local university historians confirmed: this was not a piece brought onboard the airship, but an actual piece of the Hindenburg itself, fairly large compared to comparable known pieces.”

Observant readers may already be aware that the majority of the Hindenburg was made up of unpainted duralumin.

This swatch is from one of the two back tail fins, which were adorned with enormous swastikas.

The Hindenburg was one of the most potent symbols of Nazi Germany and rumours of sabotage persisted for many years after the disaster.

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