Bonhams Space History auction features $62,500 Moonwalker signed chart

A lunar chart signed by a member of each of the six Apollo crews to land on the Moon was among the stars of Bonhams' Space History sale in New York on April 26.

Featuring the autographs of Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, Edgar Mitchell, Dave Scott, Charles M Duke, and Gene Cernan, the 1971 Aeronautical Chart and Information Center (ACIC) chart of a portion of the Moon sold for $62,500. 

Bonhams moonwalker chart
The chart signed by six Moonwalkers
made $62,500

The result is further confirmation for space autograph collectors of the power of the Moonwalkers.

A photograph signed by all 12 Moonwalkers sold for $27,000 (£16,860) in October 2011. The official nature of the ACIC document clearly helped boost the price in this case.

The sale also featured a signed photograph of the three members of Apollo 1, which made $9,750.

We have a Life magazine page featuring the autographs of the three members of Apollo 11 available to you now.

A 1990s Russian training suit worn by a US astronaut Shannon Lucid sold within estimate for $35,000.

Lucid wore the suit in preparation for 188 days orbiting the Earth on board the MIR space station in 1996.

The Sokol KV-2 space-flown suit was also employed as a "rescue suit" in the event of depressurisation.

A prototype Soviet Yastreb spacewalk, or EVA, suit, designed ahead of the Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5 missions of 1969, sold for $46,250.

Space collectors looking for a suit connected with the historic Apollo 11 mission may be interested to learn we have a training suit worn and signed by Buzz Aldrin currently available for sale.

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