Apollo 17 Robbins Medallion to make $35,000 at May space auction?

A rare opportunity to obtain a Robbins Medallion flown on the Apollo 17 mission presents itself next month.

Just one of 80 flown on the 1972 mission - the last of the Moon landings - it once resided in the collection of Apollo 17 commander Gene Cernan, the last person to leave the Moon's surface.

Robbins Medallion
Just one of 80 Apollo 17 space flown Robbins Medallions

It has an estimate of $35,000 ahead of the May 12 sale, a figure that looks fair considering a similar piece sold for $26,290 back in March 2008.

It comes with a letter of provenance from Cernan, which states: "I hereby certify and confirm that silver Apollo XVII Robbins medallion, serial # 73, was flown to the moon and remained in lunar orbit aboard the Command Module 'America' during the mission, December 7-19, 1972".

From May 3 PFC Auctions is set to auction a US flag signed by Cernan, fellow moonwalker Neil Armstrong, and Jim Lovell, the commander of the Apollo 13 mission.

A command module flight director attitude indicator, produced in 1966 for the Apollo space programme but never employed in space, will also appear at the sale, with a high estimate of $70,000.

A complete Sokol KV-2 spacesuit, thought to have been used in training, is set to auction with a $25,000 valuation.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a training suit worn and signed by Buzz Aldrin currently available for sale.

We will bring you all the results from this key space auction next month. Prior to that we have the exciting Shannon Lucid spacesuit auction to look forward to on April 26.

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