Apollo lunar-flown Bibles make $108,500 at RR Auction

The only complete set of Bibles that were flown to the Moon on board the Apollo missions has sold as top lot in RR Auction's space and aviation memorabilia sale, which closed online on November 21.

Apollo flown bible
The Apollo Prayer League was established following the Apollo 1 tragedy, and includes some 40,000 NASA employees

The microfilm Bibles came complete with accompanying memorabilia and ephemera, including signed photographs and correspondence. With one example encased in a 22k red gold display case, the collection sold for $108,378.

Carrying Bibles aboard the Apollo missions was the idea of Reverend John Stout, who formed the Apollo Prayer League following the death of Ed White, Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee during testing for the first Apollo mission in 1967. The league now includes more than 40,000 NASA employees.

The gold-encased Bible originates from the Apollo 12 mission, which was Stout's first attempt at getting a Bible to the lunar surface. However, a mistake on the landing checklist caused it to be left aboard the Command Module as it orbited the Moon.

Also included was a Bible that returned to Earth with the near-disastrous Apollo 13 mission, as well as a Bible carried to the lunar surface by Edgar Mitchell aboard Apollo 14, which was then presented to the family of astronaut Ed White, who was one of those who died in 1967.

As stated by the auction house, the sale "represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity", with this being the only collection available. It is unique, and desirable items at the top of the market such as this show the greatest potential for profit - learn more about investing in space and aviation memorabilia.

Lunar Control Panel
The panel appears to have been rejected during testing

Also selling well was an incredibly rare lunar module control panel, or rather an earlier engineer's prototype of the final design that appears to have been rejected during testing. Signed by seven moonwalkers, including Buzz Aldrin, the panel sold for $69,483.

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