Apollo 14 moonwalker's nametag steps up to $59,750

Heritage's long awaited Space Memorabilia Auction finally concluded yesterday with a number of fine pieces exciting bidders, especially from the Apollo missions.

As expected, the top lot was a nametag belonging to Dr Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14. The piece, marked with his surname and with a signed endorsement on the back, is one of just 12 to exist, being a nametag worn by an astronaut who has walked on the moon.

Of the 12, those belonging to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are in the Smithsonian Museum, whilst Alan Bean shredded his for use in his unique paintings.

Apollo 14's Edgar Mitchell certification of nametag
Edgar Mitchell's certification of the nametag
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So there are only nine nametags belonging to moonwalkers in existence. Bidders at Heritage recognised the moon dust-smeared item as particularly valuable and it was sold, to an internet bidder for $59,750.

A surprise second place in the auction went to an Earth Landmark Maps & Photos Book, flown round the moon on Apollo 10.

The book consists of seventy-one pages of colour Earth terrain photos followed by 207 colour Earth Landmark maps, all on lightweight three hole-punched paper and each with a plastic-coated tab; all are bound with three binder rings between two cardstock covers.

Apollo 10 Flown Book
Apollo 10 Flown Book, signed by John Young

The front cover has a Beta cloth Apollo 10 mission insignia on it, and the whole piece is in excellent condition.

The book was from the personal collection of Command Module Pilot John W Young and was signed by him. It had been estimated at $8,000-10,000, but several bidders thought this was too low and by the close of yesterday's sale it had been pushed all the way up to $43,318.75.

Collectors who wish to get closer to moonwalkers and the Apollo missions may want to take a look at this portfolio which is currently on the market. 


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