Zeppelins float above estimate

Three complete sheets of Graf Zeppelin rare stamps have been sold by Heritage over the weekend for $92,000. Only a single digit number of these stamps sheets are thought to remain in existence.

Set at rates of $2.60 (blue), $1.30 (rusty-brown) and 65c (green), the sheets of 50 are rated between very fine and extremely fine and are of fresh appearance with most of their original gum.

65c Graf Zeppelin stamps sheet
section of 65c Graf Zeppelin sheet
(Click to enlarge)

The stamps were created for the 1930s round the world trip of the airship and the stamps depict both the flight over theAtlantic Ocean from Europe to America and its return into Friedrichshafen, Germany. Philatelists are always interested in the use of the stamps, as they were available for purchase for only 37 days.

Collectors interested in getting hold of a famous stamp which was available for a short period of time should take a look at our Tyrian Plum.

Expected to sell for $85,000, the sheets were actually pushed just that little bit higher by intrigued bidders, leaving the auction block for $92,000.

Another balloon based stamp was the star of the second highest lot: a five cent buffalo balloon cover with the stamp sitting sideways alongside a 1c Ultramarine and 2c Vermilion, referred to in the St.Louis Philatelist, June-July 1877, sold for $74,750.

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