The most evil stamps in history

Stamps aren't evil of course. 

Not on their own. 

But postal systems are a vital part of a state's machinery. 

Like telephone lines, roads and rail networks...

They can serve evil ends. 

And to masters of propaganda like the Nazis no tool was too small to ignore.

Now you can own your own sinister memorial of that terrible history.

Potent reminders of what regimes dedicated to racial supremacy, death and destruction can do. 

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Grenada 1944 German propaganda forgeries of GB 1937-47 set of 6 to 3d

The last time we featured a set of these stamps they had a buyer within hours.

You can see why. 

As relics of the Nazi's evil techniques they're compelling. 

What a story. 

We're proud of the authenticity of everything we sell. 

But these are fakes. 

They were produced in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

The orders came right from the top. 

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Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS, who took a cyanide pill rather than face justice for his monstrous crimes against humanity.

Heinrich Himmler was behind Operation Bernhard and Operation Ocean Wave. 

Operation Bernhard forged British then US banknotes. Ocean Wave stamps. 

"Liquidation of Empire" is the message here.

Antisemitism and anticommunism were used on other Ocean Wave forgeries.  

Here, the Nazis want to undermine support for the war effort in Grenada, a UK colony. 

But it's a desperate and unsuccessful cry from a wounded animal. 

These stamps were printed in 1944. Hitler's regime didn't have long left. 

It's possible the men who made them survived the chaos as the US Army liberated the camp to which they were transferred. 

The intention had been to murder them, and bury the evidence of the forgery operation with them. 

Instead, their stories were told: The Counterfeiters a German film based on prisoner's memoirs won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars for 2007. 

These little pieces of coloured paper capture a moment of peril for humanity with resonance for us all. 

This strip of stamps of great historic importance can be yours now for just £1,100 ($1,360). 

Buy these stamps now

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Germany 1944 Danish Legion Feltpost set of three

Nazism wasn't confined to Germany. 

Everywhere they went they found collaborators and fellow travellers. 

Some of whom were rewarded with almost certain death on the Eastern Front as Hitler's decision to invade the USSR unravelled in snow, mud, and misery. 

These postal labels were sold in Denmark - in Krone - to raise money to support the around 6,000 Danes who joined the Free Corps Denmark. 

They attempt to appeal to Danes with national landmarks: Roskilde Cathedral, Kolding Castle, and Kronborg Castle (Shakespeare's Elsinore in Hamlet).

It was largely unsuccessful and modern histories claim Danes often attacked on-leave Free Corps members. 

They were disbanded, but members continued to fight on as SS soldiers in other regiments.

Some reformed as a paramilitary death squad back in Denmark that carried out many atrocities. 

One commander was executed after the war.

They are very rare. In demand. And in very fine condition: unmounted mint, a seldom-seen positional left-margin set (booklets are usually sold). 

The Michel Catalogue of German stamps values them at €1,200 but I can offer them today for just £895 ($1,106). 

 Click here to buy these stamps now

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Liberation celebrations in Copenhagen. 

To me, stamps that tell a story are the most compelling. 

History is very often tragic. 

It's important that we record that. 

These stamps are a darkly fascinating window on a period of immense struggle and suffering. 

That was ultimately successful.

Collectors interested in World War II, British Commonwealth, German stamps, Denmark and more will be after these extraordinary items.

To add them to your collection call me now on +44 (0)117 933 9500. Or reply to this mail or write to

I know plenty of buyers will want to. 

Get in first and you have a 28-day, no-quibble refund policy to protect you. Plus a lifetime, money-back guarantee of authenticity. 

Your new stamps will be delivered free by secure, insured courier. Until next time,


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