Stamp collecting makes no sense

It makes no sense. 

Some of the world’s most famous and valuable stamps…

…They’re not unique. They’re not even that rare. 

  • The Penny Black: There’s over a million of them. The most desirable singles can sell for £100,000+
  • The Inverted Jenny: 100 of those. £200,000 minimum if you want one 
  • China’s The Whole Country is Red: Thought to be several hundred in existence. £50,000+
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The Inverted Jenny - valuable but not particularly rare

And before you write in, I know I know!

It’s not all about uniqueness. It’s also about the story behind the stamps. And the condition. And above all, the demand from collectors. 

And yes, you can absolutely find examples of incredibly rare or unique stamps that are worth lots of money. 

My point is simply this. 

There are extraordinary yet affordable UNIQUE stamps out there...

That deserve to be better known...

That should - if the stamp world made sense - be worth far more than they are right now... 

How would it feel to own an important stamp that no one else in the world can own? 

How would it feel to be the sole custodian? 

Would it feel different, perhaps better, than owning a Penny Black? 

Today is your opportunity to find out. 

I have a century-old pair of stamps that is completely unique. 

When you own this pair, that’s it. You’re the owner. There is no one who can challenge you. 

And you don’t have to pay $1 million to own them. 

This is the Zanzibar 1926-30 12c black/green Postage Due error - SGD7/a

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Can you spot the extraordinary error?A key piece of African and British Commonwealth philately. 

Can you spot the error on the top stamp? 


It should read “cents.”

That one mistake transforms the top stamp and transforms the pair into a piece of vast philatelic importance. 

  • Rare: One of only 6 known examples of the “cent.s” error on the 12c stamp 
  • Unique: The only 12c multiple in existence (with or without the error)
  • Unique: The only “se-tenant” example of the 12c in existence (two stamps of differing designs that are joined together)

Owning one of the six examples of this “cent.s” error is a big deal. Owning the only multiple and se-tenant pair is huge. 

And there’s more you should know. 

“Postage Due”

Post office clerks would slap a “postage due” stamp on the envelope if the sender hadn’t affixed sufficient postage. 

Perhaps the sender had wrongly calculated the envelope’s weight. Or simply didn’t have enough stamps to hand. 

Whatever the reason, the letter would still be sent, but the recipient would have to make up the difference in price. 

A moment in time

The upper stamp has been cancelled by an attractive and light cancel "JA 7 31"circular date stamp. It barely impacts the lower stamp.

The cancel indicates the stamps were used on January 7 1931. A Wednesday. As Zanzibar was getting back to normality after Christmas and the New Year. 

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Zanzibar in the early 20th Century

15 years later, a certain Freddie Mercury would be born in Zanzibar’s capital, Stone Town.

It would be another 32 years before this British protectorate would gain independence in 1963. 

Superb quality

The vertical pair comes from the lower left corner of the sheet. 

The pair is in very fine used condition, and is in particularly high quality for this issue. 

It’s one of the finest examples in existence with just some trivial discolouration (common with this value).

Potential investment opportunity

I believe “under the radar” unique stamps are among the most exciting opportunities for stamp investors. 

Many collectors and investors are being priced out at the top end of the stamp sector. They’re turning to more affordable options. Yet options that give them the same thrill - or better - of ownership. 

That’s why the price of just £2,500 ($3,087) for this pair could look small indeed in a decade from now. 

This item comes fully authenticated, with our Lifetime Money Back Guarantee of Authenticity.

And 28-day returns if you don’t adore it when it arrives. No questions asked. 

You’ll also get free shipping to anywhere in the world. To Zanzibar itself if you like. And we will pay the correct postage. 

The thrill of owning a unique stamp is something every philatelist should experience. Take your opportunity. 

I have a feeling this one will sell quickly following this email. 

Don’t miss out. Buy the stamp now

You can also reserve on +44 (0)117 933 9500 or

Until next time, 


Paul Fraser Collectibles

PS. Unique postage stamps look undervalued. But for how long? Buy now.

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