John Lennon's former home realises $228,500 in Liverpool

Another of John Lennon's childhood homes in Liverpool has sold. The house in Speke made £155,000 ($228,553) at Venmore Auctions on March 31, just over its guide price of £120,000 ($177,000).

Venmore explains: "The house has a well documented history and it was here that John, as a young boy was first taught how to play the banjo and where he was given his first guitar by his mother.

Lennon house Speke
Lennon learned to play guitar in this house in Speke, Liverpool

"In his later teenage years it was here that John's first band the Quarrymen practised with Paul McCartney being a frequent visitor.

"It was also at Blomfield in 1958 where John opened the door to policeman bringing the tragic news that his mother had been killed nearby in a road traffic accident."

It failed to match the £480,000 ($772,114) paid for his first home (in Wavertree - a more desirable area) in 2013.

Jackie Holmes was the buyer behind the latest sale (and also the purchase of George Harrison's home last month).

She told the Liverpool Echo: "I'm absolutely thrilled. This was the house where the Beatles rehearsed and now I own it. I missed out on John Lennon's house last year, so this is just a dream come true.

"This has got more historical importance, this is the rehearsal house, this is the house that George was a Beatle in and I'm just absolutely made up to have this property.

"I wanted to pay around the £150,000 figure, at that price it's double what a house in that area is, I've paid an awful lot for an ex-council house but I'm very happy…

"Basically I've seen all the Beatles live accept for John sadly, so to own an ex-house of theirs with an historical connection is just fantastic."

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