John Wilkes Booth hair offered with $25,000 opening bid

A lock of John Wilkes Booth's hair is to auction with an opening bid of $25,000 at Heritage Auctions, the Daily Beast reports.

It's believed to have been clipped from the head of Abraham Lincoln's assassin during his autopsy.

John Wilkes Booth
John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln

The lot will be offered in a dedicated auction of memorabilia associated with Lincoln's life and career, titled Lincoln and his Times.

It will take place in Dallas on September 17.

Booth, a committed supporter of the Confederacy, assassinated Lincoln at Ford's Theater in Washington, DC in 1865.

Eric Bradley of Heritage Auctions told the Daily Beast: "Shortly after Lincoln's assassination, society and culture was purged of any mention of John Wilkes Booth, so anything of his is always desirable.

"In the 19th century it wasn't considered creepy to take a lock of someone's hair.

"It was socially acceptable, indeed a calling card of a president or celebrity to honor their fans. After someone died, it was an act of remembrance or tribute."

Interestingly, it looks set to beat the $25,000 paid for a lock of Lincoln's hair at Heritage Auctions last year.

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