Gregg Toland's Wuthering Heights Oscar achieves $155,000

An Oscar presented to cinematographer Gregg Toland for his work on the 1939 adaptation of Wuthering Heights has sold for $155,000 in an online sale at Nate D Sanders.

Best known for his work on Orson Welles' masterpiece Citizen Kane (1941), Toland is regarded as one of the greatest camera operators in Hollywood history.

Oscar Wuthering Heights
The Oscar for black and white cinematography was presented to Gregg Toland for his work on Wuthering Heights

An archive of material pertaining to Welles recently sold at Heritage Auctions.

The statuette is one of two presented by the academy, one of which went to Toland and the other to the studio. This custom became less common after 1950.

The plaque on the base is inscribed: ''Academy First Award To Gregg Toland For Black-and-White Cinematography of 'Wuthering Heights'".

A cowboy hat worn by John Wayne in six of his most iconic roles made $37,500 at the April 29 sale.

It starred in such films as The Comancheros (1961), McClintock! (1963), The Sons of Katie Elder (1965), El Dorado (1966) and The Undefeated (1969).

The hat features his name inked in black marker pen on the inside and was consigned from the collection of Wayne's long-time friend and stunt double Chuck Roberson.

A coat owned by John Lennon also sold well, achieving $25,000.

It was left at the home of a New York artist who became friends with Yoko Ono through his affiliation with the fluxus movement.

We have a fascinating selection of Beatles memorabilia, including this signed customs declaration from Lennon.

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