You can have FUN collecting coins this summer with Heritage


It is ironic that individual coins can now sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds, but it becomes less surprising when you see the mesmerising quality of the most sought after pieces on the market.

Many such fine items will be up for sale as part of Heritage's Summer FUN - Florida United Numismatists - US coin auction taking place on Thursday July 7 and Friday July 8, which contains a total of more than 6,000 lots.

Produced in the United States' early years, this patriotic coin heralds the new nation

Expected to be the standout piece of the event is this 1797 $5 dollar BD-3 coin, which has been given a guide value price of $75,000.

The patriotic coin, which was produced at a time when the nation was still in its infancy after gaining independence in 1776, depicts an eagle holding a wreath on one side, with Liberty portrayed as a woman on the reverse.

With the item still being in superb condition despite its age, and the historical aspect attached to it, it is not a shock that it is valued so highly, especially as only around 20 similar coins are thought to still exist.

This eagle coin could make as much as $47,500

The next lot which will have numismatists' mouths watering is an 1886 $20 AU50 NGC. With only 1,000 such coins thought to have been minted, this Philadelphia Mint double eagle is one of the rarest types associated with the Liberty head series. Therefore it is understandable that it is estimated to sell for $47,500.

Not far behind it is a $10 1908 PR67 NGC, which despite being much more recent, is still valued at a price of $40,000.

The quality of the coin is magnificent though, looking barely discoloured or scratched at all. Once again it is one of just a few of its type which are thought to exist today, making it a truly rare collectible.


In its superb condition, this coin is a numismatist's dream

Coins, as with items like stamps, are always worth investing in, because they are only likely to get rarer as the amount of each type that exists decreases.

That is why auctions like this should not just intrigue all the numismatists out there, but every savvy collector looking for something rare which can increase in value.


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