'Scripophily trends up' as HWPH auction offers The Lehman Heritage

HWPH, one of the biggest German scripophily auctioneers, offers more than 1,800 antique stocks and bonds within its two upcoming auction sales.

The first sale (23rd auction, November 5) will be a public auction located in Würzburg, Germany, the second sale (24th auction, November 7) will be a pure online auction.

Internet bidding will allow users to bid live at home. Definitely a highlight are those stocks and bonds HWPH offers as the "Lehman Heritage": US collectors will find many rarities and curiosities prior being in the archives of Lehman Brothers and never seen before.

Again a Lehman Brothers stock certificate with serial number 1 should have had many watchers: Issued to Richard S. Fuld during the 1994 IPO it decorated the office of the Lehman CEO for many years.

A Lehman Brothers stock certificate with serial number '1'

Finally a total of 62 certificates are a collection called "Financiers and Philanthropists", showing the relations of a major part of the US financial industry over many decades.

Paul Fraser Collectibles encountered another share certificate linked to a philanthropist - this one dating to 1888 and representing a significant piece of perhaps the most powerful company in history.

The certificate is personally signed by JD Rockefeller, Standard Oil's leading share owner at its conception, who was then the richest man in the world. It's was calculated that his wealth would have been equivalent to $633bn in 2007. We presently have it for sale.

Meanwhile, HWPH's collection sale also includes a lot of autographs like such of Otto Hermann Kahn, Frederick M. Warburg, E. F. Hutton, Edward Henry Harriman, Charles C. Tegethoff, Jerome J. Hanauer, Benjamin J. Buttenwieser, Clarence Birdseye, Helen Freeman, Jane Gail, Alexander M. Bing, Helen Sargent Hitchcock, Heyworth Campbell, Herbert S. Houston, Marjorie Oelrichs and others.

This certificate is personally signed by JD Rockefeller - and is presently for sale in our stock


Single lots include autographs of Robert Fleming, Roger Fry, Horace B. Liveright, Alex. A. Aarons, Vinton Freedley, Lionel Atwill, Bertha Kalich, Gilbert Emery, David N. Mosessohn, Nicolas de Gunzburg, Inglis M. Uppercu, Jonas Weil, Nathaniel Samuels and others.

While Russian stocks and bonds still trend up HWPH is proud about offering several rarities here. One of the highlights of course will be a decorative share of "Russian Lloyd", an insurance company once located in St. Petersburg. The GUM department store might be better known - HWPH offers an even decorative share with a face value of 10x100 Rouble.

Of course there are German rarities too. A 1847 issued share of the Rheinberg Canal is a witness for a venturous project: Already in 1626 Spain - since 1568 involved in the Eighty Years' War - planned to connect the rivers Rhine and Maas. Even after a last attempt in the 19th century the "Fossa Eugeniana" was never completed.

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